RE: The new Cremona Auditor from Sonus Faber

Has anyone heard the new Cremona Auditor from Sonus Faber? I presently own the SF Grand Piano Home and was considering trading up for the Cremona Auditors. I am looking to switch to monitors rather than floorstanding. I listen to mostly jazz, classical, folk and anything easy listening along with HT. I do not listen to rock so I do not necessarily need lots of bass although I do have the Rel Stadium III to compliment the low end. My Amp is the Rotel RMB 1095 and a B&K ref 50 for the Pre/Pro. Please let me know if you have heard this speaker and give me your take on it. Also, do you think it is better, worse or the same as the GP's. My other speakers are the SF walls and the SF Solo center.

I have both, Cremona Auditor and GPH. Cremona is very coherent from top to bottom with very tight and quick bottom end, much more coherent than large Cremona which I used to own. The bass is amazing for such small woofers, but that's only part of the strength. Top end extension and ambience is quite a bit better than GPH, thanks to the Ring Radiator tweeter. And the look is certainly a big plus. My biggest complaint of GPH is bass, it can sound slow at times even though it's every bit as fast as other speakers out there. But when compares to the absolute best like Cremona Auditor, GPH falls a little short. But for HT application, you might not gain anything with Cremona Auditor.

Overall, Cremona Auditor is much closer to Guarneri than Cremona to Amati. I think Cremona Auditor will become the all time Sonus Faber classic like Guarneri Homage.

There might be better monitors out there. One comes to mind, Dynaudio Special 25. I am a Dynaudio fan and admires their engineering and dedication, but Cremona Auditor is keeping me very happy right now in my bed room.
I agree. The Auditor is incredible speakers for its size. I've owned some other mini-monitors in the past, but nothing has come close to the performance of the Auditor. Especially its bass, WOW.....