Re-terminate speaker cables

I have a pair of audio quest rocket 33 cables that are biwire. I want to have them changed to full range with spades on the speaker end.  Audio quest is unresponsive.  Is there another resource to get this done?
Would I be combining the two ends that says treble together and the two that’s labeled bass together?  This is solid wire and it seems pretty thick.  Would I be able to find DIY connectors to join these?  I guess it won’t look as slick as the original. 
I am surprised that AQ has not responded to you. I sent in a request on Monday to re-terminate a set of interconnects. They got back to me on Tuesday with the price and an RMA form to complete. Did use the contact us email on their website?

I would recommend that you have AQ do this work for you. You might also contact your dealer. Good Luck!
Do your hands shake uncontrollably? You are already on the internet, so I know you can find the information. You are already talking about paying for shipping and service, so I know you can afford a soldering iron. So you can totally do this yourself. Unless, the only remaining question, do your hands shake uncontrollably?

Ignore the condescension.

Maybe consider reaching out via Audiogon messaging to either member wig, williewonka, or grannyring and ask them your questions if you intend on re-terminating yourself. They are experienced cable dyi guys.
if you ever want to sell these, it might help if AQ or an AQ dealer did the re-termination... 

I got to the point you have of getting a quote and being provided the form to complete. However since  completing and submitting the  RMA request form last week I have heard nothing.  I tried resubmitting the form just in case the email was overlooked.  This is why I’m looking at other options. 
@Joey54 is correct, audioquest uses what they refer to as a cold weld approach which I believe is another name for crimping the termination to the cable. WTS, I have just completed retermination of a pair of Acoustic Zen Hologram cables using this process and it turned out great. Parts Connection is a great source to source these connects. Enjoy the music
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You can get a tighter connection with two screws rather than on one spade.
WBT locking bananas are cheap. No need for Cardas solder or cold weld.
Unless you can't work a screwdriver.
Sorry to hear AQ didn't respond.
Alasdair is usually pretty good at getting back.

In any case, AQ terminals can be user replaced, just get the ends you want and use a jewelers screwdriver.
In your case, you could simply stack two spades together.
You can PM me, I am having work done on my cables, as well.
It is easy to do yourself but it is a shame to hear a story like that it is easy money for them to re terminate the wire and make sure the customer is happy.
Use a screwdriver. LOL I can't.. I don't know how, BUT I got a 50 ton press that says they will be one with the music and never come loose in your lifetime EVER.. :-) Do you know you can get 10 TONS of pressure with hammer strikes, one handed.. NEVER move again.. A speedo cable arbors is what I use now for cold welds.. Easy if you know what it is and what your doing.. It is the BEST way to join anything electrical, Compound crimps too.. Screws come loose. I've retighten my mains 10 times in 20 years at least.. JUST to clean the contact..
I finally did get the RMA number from Audio Quest this afternoon but I’ve been thinking about DIY since many say it’s very easy.   Original wires are two at amp and split to four at speakers. To get the correct polarity I assume the two bass wires would be combined and the two treble combined. Probably a silly question but I don’t want to short something out if I decide to do this myself. 
It's a shame that AQ hasn't gotten back to you on this. For an old pair of Zu Audio speaker cables they charged me $10 per connector to put bananas on and had them back to me in a week. It should be something they'd be happy to do for you. 

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 To get the correct polarity I assume the two bass wires would be combined and the two treble combined.
+ve from bass & tweet together to RED speaker term.
-ve from bass & tweet together to BLK speaker term.
I had a similar problem to yours a year or so ago and wrote in.  My Audioquest Rocket 88's were banana plug biwires and my then new Magico A3 speakers cannot be bi-wired.

The A3's speaker wire terminals could accept either a spade and/or a banana connector. An ingenious site member suggested putting one push on banana to spade adapter on one of the bi-wired  Rocket 88's two black wires and another one on one of the two red wires going to each speaker.  I then could put two wires into each terminal on each speaker.

No soldering, no fuss, no muss and works perfectly. I'd contacted Audioquest just like you and was put off by the cost. The four push on banana to spade adapters needed to do two speakers cost very little and solved the problem, enabling the bi-wire Rocket 88 to be used as a full range.

Don't know if this solution would apply to your situation, and hope I explained it adequately.

Red To Red

Black To Black or

White to White

It increases the size of the wire and powers a single set of speaker terminals on the speaker.

Here’s another option:

- Assuming all 4 bi-wire leads are currently terminated with banana plugs
- Leave the tweeter pair on bananas
- Reterminate the bass pair with spades
- On your speaker binding posts, you can now clamp down  the bass spades with the top nut and then insert the tweeter banana plugs on top. - You retain ability to bi-wire in the future.

@fuzztone "I’d put locking bananas on yourself. Screw terminals."

Is "screw" a noun or a verb?
You sell the cables to another chump on line for a tidy profit, then go buy a quality 10 gauge speaker wire. and leave the silliness behind. 
"...Probably a silly question but I don’t want to short something out if I decide to do this myself..."

Check your work with an ohm meter. 
I have tried and it is very difficult for the wire that I have, I just quit and send to the Cie, they know how to terminate the good way.
Always amazed at the lame advise given. Pick up the phone call AQ and send them in. Keep in mind AQ are in Cali.. or since you are a rookie DIY and foul them up and lose money.