Re-terminate Pure Note Paragon

I have a long pair of Paragon Enhanced, 3.5m XLR if I remember correctly. Since it's not quite long enough to reach from my pre to power, I want to use it for my source by cutting it into 3 cables.

I contacted Pure Note, they would not help and gave some reasons I thought was not very reasonabe. Has anyone tried to re-terminate his Paragon before? Can it be done? I love the sound of Pure Note, even my older Cerulean performs as good as Nordost Quattro Fil.
Been there, done that. You cannot re-terminate Pure Note cables. Once you cut them, there is nothing to work with since it is wire in multi-aircore tubes. Not a conventional cable where you can just strip the wires. They also use a machine bonding process that cannot be done by hand. Don't ruin them, just sell them and buy longer cables. Their new stuff is better any way. FWIW :)
thanks for the info. they don't make anything longer than 3.5 meter now and I need 5+ meter from my pre to power. not sure why they limit themselves to 3.5 meter and why they would not help customers re-terminate, I am sure it can be done even at a premium charge.
I have a long pair of Anti-Cable xlr balanced interconnects if you want to try. I needed still longer ones for my new house. let me know
Semi: They do custom lengths. I have a 10m pair of Vanguards.
Stringreen, thanks for the offer. I have Anti-Cable speaker cables and they are not the easiest cable to work with due to their stiffness. I also notice Anti-Cable shrinks the soundstage a bit and reduces the air around each instrument when compared to my other speaker cables. Almost like the difference between a big speaker and small monitor kind of differences.

Sonic genius, I know Pure Note does offer custom lengths at a higher price, sale price does not apply to custom length and no refund is allowed either. When I bought my Cerulean many moons ago, 5 meter was an option and I could have returned them if I didn't like them during the 30 day trial period. Now I either have to order a short one just to try and return it for a longer one if I like it or return it if I don't.
Semi: If you like the sound of Pure Note cables, what is the risk? The Vanguard cables sound very close to the Paragons, actually a little better in the highs. They also use the same connectors. Rather than argue your case here, see what Pure Note will do for you.
Another option is to buy another Paragon used 2 or 3 Meter XLR set and connect them together with the pair you already have. XLR cables are great for this because no coupler is required.
I know that connecting cables together is supposed to be a no-no, but when I have had to do this, I could not tell any degradation in sound quality.