re-terminate nordost cables...anyone?

Do you know about anyone who I can contact to help re-terminate nordost cables (in the USA)? I'd like to make my nordost PC's shorter - cut in half, that way gaining an extra PC in the process...and one of the banana plugs on the speaker wire is broken...

Has anyone had any experience in this?

THANKS and have a GREAT weekend!
They have a termination service.
you send them back to Nordost...that's what I did.
Thanks both of you for your helpful advise! I'll follow up on both (I have sent emails in the past to Nordost, but gotten to reply...I'll call this time...)...Have a GREAT weekend!
Nordost have retermionated my cables 2x and always have been pleasant with prompt turnaround.

Yes Nordost will do that, but at what price! $25 per connection of cheaper cable (Blue Heaven), and I guess couple time more for higher-end models. Total $200 to transform a shotgun Blueheaven to a bewireable one.

This high price is for a quality in-factory soldering and for a bigger part - to fight cut-in-half-reterminate-and have-two-cables black market.
Hello Go4Vinyl

You can email Jeff Wells at Nordost.

Jeff is a fantastic guy who will be able to help you with retermination. My understanding is that Nordost policy is that they will never cut any cable in half and reterminate.

They will however, convert to biwire or shotgun and also change the connections on any of the cables.

To reterminate will cost US $45 per connector. This is for speaker cable anyway.

It might be cheaper for interconnects or power cables.

All the best.
It's actually more expensive for IC's. I recently paid Nordost $100/end to convert one end of IC's from XLR to RCA. But they did a great job.