Re: Technics RS-M85 casette deck part needed

My Technics RS-M85 casette deck have a broken glass door. Does anybody know where I can get the part? Any broken casette deck for parts?
That's a really nice cassette deck. I wouldn't count on finding one used, and if you do it will probably be very expensive. I would try 2 places first. Technics sells quite a bit of pro gear. That's a good thing because pro gear tends to be repaired, and not just thrown away. Try calling them directly. Its possible that they may still have some parts left in stock. You can also try a music store that fixes gear on site. They most likely have access to part suppliers that don't do business with the public.

If the door isn't badly damaged, maybe you can repair it. Sometimes you can even get away with removing the glass/plastic piece altogether. If the actual frame itself is not bent or broken, it will probably still work.
I have a Technics RS-M65 deck, in the original box, on a shelf. The record function stopped working a few decades back. Most of the parts are interchangeable, the major difference between the two being the Quartz lock speed control of the M85. You've found a donor deck.
As long as the broken glass door doesn't affect performance I wouldn't worry about it. If you decide to upgrade the deck, look for a Tandberg TCD-3014 - These are among the finest cassette decks ever made.

My 2nd choice would be a Bang & Olufsen Beocord 9000 - these are *phenomenal* cassette decks. B&O worked with Dolby Labs to produce Dolby HX-Pro which is an encode-only system that imparts incredible sound quality to cassettes. Tapes produced with this can be played back on any Dolby-B capable deck (virtually ALL cassette decks) and you will get the benefit of the HX-Pro encoding.

If you really want a top quality cassette deck, look for either the Tandberg or the B&O that I mentioned. They are head and shoulders better than anything else out there.

A good 2nd choice would be the Harman/Kardon Dolby Hx-Pro decks from the early 80s - not as good as the Tandbergs or B&Os, but damn close and a whole lot cheaper...
Rodman99999, I am happy to finally find a donor casette deck. Please contact me via email, kyx56 at yahoo. Let me know how much for the glass door. Thank you.