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I know that Ringo Starr has been the subject of some debate on this forum. In today's USA Today (don't ask), Dennis Diken, the drummer for Smithereens, did a piece on Ringo's influence. It's a good read. It's probably on their web site, but I don't have a link.

Here is the link.

Ringo Article in USA Today
Ringo is the man!

It's critics that demean his playing that I would not take seriously.

Plus he landed Barbara Bach for a wife... not too shabby!
"Plus he landed Barbara Bach for a wife... not too shabby!"

Being one of the Beatles he could have landed practically any eligible (and many ineligible) women anywhere. Ringo was a more than competent pop drummer who, with all the means to screw-up and leave this world early like many other rich celebrity musicians - didn't. I'm glad he and Paul are still with us. Amen.
Richard is a drummer who "swings", like Charlie. No, not flashy, but he does not miss a beat.
Richard who?
Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr. Charlie, as in Watts from the Rolling Stones. Good call Lindisfarne.
Say what you want about about Ringo's drumming, but he has a "feel" that is near-impossible to emulate. When you're propelling a band, it's all about support and groove.

The word synergy gets bounced around a lot on this forum. Those four players in the Beatles had some serious synergy. I can't imagine how those tunes would sound with another person drumming. I feel that Ringo was just the right drummer for that band.
I am delighted to read appreciation for Ringo's drumming. The variety and subtlety of his musical contributions in the Beatles' canon rank him among the greats. Listen to any track paying close attention to his work (drumming NOT singing)and forget the goofy public personae that he worked so hard to cultivate.

I know a guy who had occasion to meet Ringo some years back (not in some big public forum, but rather privately), and he said that the man was, well, the man! He was genuine and down-to-earth and an all-around good guy. Pretty cool, no? And to think that he used to play in this little combo that most of us might have heard of ...
When George Martin signed The Beatles and "Love Me Do" was to be recorded, he told them that they had to get rid of Pete Best as he wasn't up to the standard of the others in the group. John and Paul said that they had been thinking the same thing. George Martin didn't know that they had been thinking this and that they had Ringo in the wings ready to step in. As a result, he had a session drummer at the studio for the recording. They ended up recording two versions of the song, one with the session drummer and one with Ringo. As George Martin had not heard of Ringo, he didn't know whether he would be good enough or not, hence the second version without Ringo. If you listen to both versions of the song back to back, they are quite different. So if you are curious as to what The Beatles might have sounded like without Ringo (or Pete Best), two versions of "Love Me Do" are out there with two different drummers.
Happy Birthday Ringo.
I hate it when people bash Ringo. I don't get how anyone could not recognize his uniqueness. But then again, there are people that bash the Beatles, which I will never understand!

Ha!--Well a blast from my past I roomed with Ringo at Butlins Holiday Camp Phewelli North Wales 60'swhen he was the drummer with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. We had many a "bender" and great times then -used to travel back to Liverpool got to meet his Folks at their Scotland Road Semi.
Great guy --friendly funny, one for the practical jokes. Bloody good drummer as well. Can tell many a story!

But my lips are sealed!

george martin didn't 'sign' the beatles...he was assigned to the beatles....ringo was already a member before the beatles met martin.
Ringo had a great musical sensibility for The Beatles' songs. His contribution to their overall sound was critical. I couldn't imagine many of their songs being as good without him behind the drums.

One thing that made his playing unique is that he is left handed but his drum kit was set up for a right handed player. This allowed (or forced) him to play many fills and patterns in a non-standard fashion.

"george martin didn't 'sign' the beatles...he was assigned to the beatles....ringo was already a member before the beatles met martin" better have a discussion with Geoerge Martin about this. I have no personal knowledge as to what happened. I'm simply repeating what George Martin himself said in a radio interview.
martin was an in-house producer at emi and was given the beatles to produce. brian epstein, their manager did the deal with emi. it as also common not to have band members actually play on records then....substituting session players. Any book on the Beatles will show these timelines....martin is so old, he probably thinks he 'named' them as well.