Re: Spica Angelus speakers. Help

I am looking a set of speakers that will give the same magical soundstage, midrange and extra tight bass but with "Dynamics". I am moving into a larger room and the Angelus are "coughing" if I put too much volume. Since the room is larger the bass is gone. I need advice on what to get without breaking the bank.

As a major Spica fan and ex-Angelus owner, I would recommend Magnepan 1.6QRs for a large room. They were one of the best speakers I have heard, but didn't work well in my medium sized room. I ended up with Talon Hawks which worked etter in my room. Also consider Audio Physic Virgo IIs.
If you like the Angelus, but are looking for a speaker that can deliver more volume into a larger space, consider a used pair of Merlin VSMs. With the BAM module, they have materially more extended lower end than Angelus, and they will play materially louder. Of course, even used, the Merlins will be more expensive than the Angelus and I don't know where your pain threshold is on "breaking the bank."
N.E.A.R. 50Me II loudspeakers are a really good buy if you can find a used pair. My brother has the Angelus and ended up liking the N.E.A.R.'s better.