Re: Sony S570 dvd player can play SACD???

Read somewhere on the net hat the cd [l;ayer has an undocumented feature of being able to play SACD. Anyone know if thats true?
I have a S560, which I believe is from the same generation (circa 2000) of SONY DVD players that you are referring to (S360 was the single player without decoders; S560 was the single player with decoders; S570 was the changer with decoders). When I place a single layer SACD into the S560 the following flashes in the display "DVD ... C:13:00" and there is no playback. The manual (page 64) states that the unit is performing a self diagnosis and C13 means that "The disc is dirty." I don't know if the unit is hackable from there.

Regards, Rich
Ive haerd alot about that error at Seems some peole get them on all disks(DVD etc). Interesting to look at as there a diagnosis routine explained at the site.
Thanks guess ill splurge on a sacd and find out.
Actually, the S570 is from the same generation of players, except that its styling was to go with the SONY Wega (silver color). I never had the C:13 problems that a lot of 360/560/570 owners were complaining about (famous last words), but I gathered that some of the fixes that you referred to were to either to re-calibrate the SONY's or get the SONY's to read CDR's, not SACD's.

Regards, Rich