Re: Remember 'Mayware' uni-pivot tonearms?

My first tonearm, was an old english make, Mayware, and was a unipivot model. Only had one jeweled pivot point, so friction was less than the current gimbal systems. I am curious if uni-pivots are still being manufactured. Mayware seems to have disappeared these years! If you know, or just contribute to the 'whatever happened to' theme of this msg, please do. Used2b1
Graham, Naim and Immedia, among others, still make high quality unipivot arms.
using a mayware formula four/ariston RD 11s as we speak. havent had to research repair info for it. also have an extra ready to sstep up if necessary.
VPI and Morch also make unipivots
Remember the "Keith Monks" unipivot with the damping goo and the mercury contacts instead of wire? What a nightmare! The mercury(in exposed little tubs) would get dirty and the thing would hum. I used to have to clean the mercury tubs out and replace the mercury for the customers. Aaarrrgggghhhh. Sounded pretty good though, with high compliance cartridges, on a Linn in the old days.