Re-producing the Analog sound

Is it possible to re-produce the analogue sound from a standard CD(digital audio)?

Can a top end sound system with equalizers and amplifier!Could this get a better digital sound?

Maybe digital to analogue converters! can a converter be hooked up to a sound system and re-produce that analogue "richness" from a standard CD album?

24BIT 96Khz! How does this device work? Is it a device that can get hooked up to a sound system,recorder?

Appreciate the help. I`m new to this would of sound engineering and electronics so please explain it in basic language :)
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Do a search hereabouts on Audio Aero Capitole.
Wow! DL-III and the Audio Aero Capitole are incredible pieces of innovation! my mouth was watering when reading it`s set up ;) Gotta get saving.
Rick Cullen does great work. His "Wyred 4 Sound" amps are great performers at an equally great price. Check out the Cullen Circuits website. Selassie I!
Digital has come a long way in my system thanks to Exemplar's Shanling scd-3000 mod and their new cd server and dac as well as by putting the dac or cd player on a Halcyonics, but digital is different from vinyl sound. Digital is less diffuse giving a more holographic sound stage, but vinyl give a more familiar sense of quality music reproduction with more midrange sweetness. As shocking as it is for me to hear myself saying this, I could live with only digital (certainly not MP-3) now where in the past this was impossible.