re: phono preamps; is vintage ss any good?

is high quality solid state amplification from the 70s and 80s any good by modern standards? The question includes older ML, McIntosh, etc., which can be a relative bargain. I am wondering whether I must upgrade my c. 1985 DB Systems db-2A preamp (I am using only the phono section now, which was widely respected back in the day). I love tubes and share many audiophile's objections to the sound of ss, but it is hard to complain about modern high-dollar ss. I bought the $250 Bellari phone pre based largely on Fremer's rave; it may have tube warmth, but lacks acceptable clarity, imho, and I quickly reverted to the db systems. New phono pre's can be very dear, and I wonder how high up the food chain I would have to go to get acceptable sound, or if it's necessary.
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Add Threshold to your list...glory years for Nelson Pass...for both amplifiers and preamplifiers.
A Mark Levinson 25S (the "S" model, not the regular 25) is still among the finest quiet, high gain phono pre's ever produced. Separate power supply. $3000 used if you can find one somebody's willing to part with.
I have been very pleased with older Classe preamps and amps. I would look for there Dr-6,5,or even there all out asault the DR-7preamp.
Vintage any good? You mean like JOhn Curl Vendetta?????
Take this for whatever it might be worth. I agree with Mcpody to add Threshold to your list of candidates. I have a FET-10 which I took to a phono stage shoot-out at a friend's house. The benchmark was a Manley Steelhead. Out of six audiophiles present, three preferred the Threshold. For under $1K it would be hard to beat.

The FET-10 is a really nice buy. The build and parts quality of that preamp is astounding. Ever listen to the T-2?
Mcpody, no. My FET-10 is the only Threshold phono stage I have experience with. A friend built a fully regulated power supply for me and that takes performance up a step - I assume similar to the later version of the FET-10. I was told the differences with the later model were power supply and balanced output (?). All I can say is that mine sounds very good in either high gain (MC) or standard gain (MM).
OK, for you experts of vintage gear, I have a Threshold M1 Phono stage with a separate Model M7 power supply. Anyone have any info on this unit? Do you know of anyone who can check it out or repair it? Is it even worth messing with? I remember it sounding good in its day.
Loydc: I don't have any experience with the specific DB Systems preamp you are using but did use for a few years David Hadaway's DB 8HG for low output moving coils and still have his standard DB 8 standard phono pre for moving magnet in use in a 2nd system in the house.

The DB Systems stuff is, I think, generally very good and flies under the radar because it is directly marketed and perhaps too cheap to gain much respect.

I upgraded to an Aqvox 2CI using a low output MC in a balanced configuration with the Aqvox in my main system and that was a significant upgrade over the DB Systems. The Aqvox, however, has pretty much doubled in price from when I bought it to around $1500-$2000.

My guess is that your DB Systems will be competitive with most of the separate phono stage offerings into the $600 or so price level (it may not better all of them but I would expect that it wouldn't be embarrassed either) and that you would probably have to jump into the $1000 or more price range to really get a huge, significant improvement.
Pkubica, a former employee of Threshold now operates a repair/upgrade service for Threshold and Forte products. He is located in norther California but beyond that I'm not sure. Suggest doing a search here and on Audio Asylum and you should find him.