RE; my Pioneer Elite '95:

Got one of these a couple of weeks back. YUP, for BD it's great.---BUT--- I have inserted 4 sd discs and of the 4 only 1 would play. Those sd's were The Morricone concert disc I love. Hell Freezes Over--- and special edition of Terminator 2; none would play. Yellow Submarine would play. ALSO I run component to a Mits. CRT and hdmi to a Ruby projector. For some reason I lose CC/ via hdmi but not when I am going component from the player straight to the crt. I have read many pages on this player at avsforum--nobody brought either of these things up.--( That thread is so long I doubt anybody would answer )Anybody here got one??
I haven't had any issues with my 95. I use the hdmi into the 92thx into the kuros pro-150 plasma. Awesome pq in sd and bd.
I think, based strictly on the number of potential people who have direct experience with the 95, that you should go to AVS BD forum area and post a new thread detailing your experience and ask for help. I like this site better from the standpoint that when you ask someone here what time it is, they don't try to teach you how to build a watch, but the AVS forum just has so many more home theater practitioners that your question is probably better served there.