Re-masters again

I'm starting to get convinced by some of the critics of re-masters. I think at first they were better done by Rhino, B. Ludwig (STONES),or Dylan. Now, recently issues by S. Wonder (#1's), D. Yoahkam (best hits - Rhino)and hits by Joe Cocker have really had the volume increased to the point you have to run to the volume control/remote control as the shrillness destroys your enjoyment of the music. It is scary that established artists like this have to demand "hot" recordings, which while clear, you can't stand prolonged listening. "This is the end, dum, dum, dum,my only friend, the end."
Yes, it is perhaps the single biggest issue for audiophiles that have invested serious money in good equipment!

Turn me up

Unfortunately, we live in a disposable society with cheap disposable garbage music - it is what many people want including the studios that are happy if you quickly get tired of the sound and move on - just like the paper cups and containers with your burger and fries...built-in engineered obsolescence after a single use - chuck it out when you are done, as there is nothing worth keeping, and above all keep consuming!!
Some are better than others. Try vinyl....
If the vinyl is from the same remaster (mixed for MP#) it won't be any better. Try buying Bruce Springsteen's Magic album. It is by far the worst piece of vinyl I have ever purchased new or used!
Next time you see someone with that iPod in the ears, thank them! (Although I listen to a lot of music through my MacBook Pro.)