Re: Marantz SA 7s1 vs SA 11S3 or Esoteric X05

I’m looking at these SACD/CD players and wonder what the differences are among these similarly priced players.

Marantz SA7s1 or SA11S3 – it seems the SA7s1 is an older model without digital input. How do you describe the performance/character of these two players? Which one would you choose?

Marantz vs Esoteric x-05: Which one has a more robust transport? How do they sound differently? I read the Marantz SA7s1 does not have a very authoritative bass performance and it’s on the soft and warm side.

Thanks for your input.
Anyone can his experience?
There is a user "gotoma8" at audioasylum who recently purchased the SA11-S3. You might want to check with him.
The only good SA-11 is the serie 1. After this serie, is too analytic and the musicality is long gone...
The SA-7S1 is way better than the SA-11S3. Esoteric is analytic and quite cold.