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Hello, I am new to the threads but I know there is lots of knowledge here so I hope someone can help? I while back I bought a Unitrac arm and have since mounted it on my Micro Seiki DDX1000 tt. I have been collecting vintage MC cartridges for our new audio club, so I am mounting 3 arms so that we can switch cartridges .I thought the VTA on the fly adjustment of the Unitrac made it a great canidate for this reason. I dont have the proper alignment protractor so heres where I need help? Is there anyway I can use another protractor? I have a formula 4 one? Can anybody send me a scan of theirs as I would pay for your time? Our their any other set up tricks with this arm I need to know? Will it even work for MC cartridges or am I waisting my time trying? I dont have the cartridge set up rig but I should be able to eyeball the overhang? Of course on my tt the arm had to be mounted at an unusual angle and not the normal 57 degrees if you know what I mean. Any help at all on set up would be great as I haven' t mounted a cartridge yet as I have to track down some lead pellets first. Please advise if you can? Thanks and regards Daren
I would contact Magnepan. They should be able to supply you with the correct info. I used to install this arm. We used it with MC cartrigdes among them the Dynavectors, Audioquest, Grados, and Koetsus. It was very good but not in the same league as The Sumiko "ARM". And I thought the Sumiko FT-3 and MMT sounded better with most cartridges in our store. I remember when they were first shipped from Magnepan we were very excited, and displayed the arm for several months selling a few. It was easy to set up with Magnepans template and if I remember right we used an Oracle table.
THanks for the response, I have a arm here I believe is an early Sumiko but it appears cheap in comparison? It was sold to me as an MMT but I havent been able to confirm it? It has a angle section at the end of the arm with a couple of holes drilled out? It's like a tube at the end that was pressed flat? If thats the MMT I have it? Thats good to know that I can mount a MC on it I appreciated the tip! As that was my main concern! Thanks again, As the Magnepan is a bit of a black hole? and there isn't a lot of help out there or info on the UNITRAC? I tried Magnepan they dont even have an email address on their Web site? Cheers Daren
The MMT was an "S" shaped tone arm with a removable headshell. I don't remember any flat portion except the headshell.The FT-3 was a straight tube with non removable headshell. As for Magnepan do a Google search for their website. I'm sure they have one. I'm sure they still have info on their arm available and parts.
The Unitrac was a good arm for higher compliance cartridges. I think it was designed with the Shure V15 and comparable ADC and Sonus cartridges in mind. I wouldn't really recommend it with low compliance moving coils.
Thanks Greenman! In that case I will be selling it as it is useless to me as I have about 10 or 12 MC cartridges. I wouldn't lesten to a moving magnet anymore? Thanks for the advice. Regards Daren
Dear Daren: +++++ " I wouldn't lesten to a moving magnet anymore. " +++++

Why?, the MM cartridges are really good ones and can compete with the best MC cartridges at a fraction of the MC price.

Regards and enjoy the music.

I have one with a Denon DL103 on a Thorens 160 Super and love the sound. Go over to, then to vinyl asylum and type unitrac into "Search" to get lots of information. By the way a NOS Unitrac went for nearly 600$US on ebay recently. If you decide to sell, you won't have any problems.

Thanks Frankhertz, for the tip and information about the 103 and the unitrac. I finally tracked down some fine lead shot so I may give it a try before I sell it? Sure Raul there are some good MM cartridges but I have had several and good ones! It's a matter of preference like comparing Single ended tube amps ay a 2A3 to a 200 watt solid state amp? We could debate it till cows learn how to fly! I had a Signet TK7, Audio Technica SLA20 Limited edition,AKG,Shure V15MRXMR, they didn't come close to my Shinon Red,Klipsch MC's,or any of the other vintage MC's I have?
Dear Fihihifi: +++++ " , they didn't come close to my Shinon Red,Klipsch MC's,or any of the other vintage MC's I have? " +++++

Well this is a matter not of " taste " it is a matter that to have the right MM cartridges like: ADC Astrion, Audio Technica AT ML170 or 180, Empire EDR.9, B&O MMC1 or MMC20CL, Micro Acoustics MA630, Astatic MF200, etc, etc. with the right tonearms and the right MM phono preamp.

Regards and enjoy the music.
HI Raul, I guess all the reviews I have read over the years are incorrect? I should sell all my mc cartridges and buy an Empire EDR 9? which are available any given day on Ebay as they seem hard to sell? As if it's not of matter of taste I guess your right? I think I can pick up one of the Empire's for $75. so I should be able to buy lots of them! By the way are you sure the Micro Acoustics 630 is a true MM as it has a ceramic element? Thanks Daren
Dear Daren: +++++ " which are available any given day on Ebay as they seem hard to sell? " +++++

The person/company that are selling in Ebay EDR.9 is selling several Empire models, he has a big lot of new Empire cartridges.

No, you don't have to sell your MC cartridges but for $75 you could try the EDR.9

The 630 system II instead of a magnet and coils utilizes a direct-coupled electret transducer.

Regards and enjoy the music.