Re; Linn LP12, what about the Cetech subchassis?

I have an older LP12 that I'm trying to upgrade without breaking the bank. I have a Hercules II power supply, just bought an ITTOK LVII tonearm to replace an older Sumiko Premier FT-3. I'm thinking of adding the Cetech sub-chassis will I'm replacing the tonearm. Will it be a worthwhile upgrade to this circa 1986 table? I'd appreciate any helpful comments. Thanks, Brad
I am doing something similar, I have a 1985 Linn , just pre- Valhalla. I bought the Sole instead of the Cetech and a Mose-Hercules power supply. Also a new mat, new springs and a Jelco 750D arm. I got the springs from Spinning Dog for about $35 and the mat was $25. I am waiting to have it assembled by a friend who is an expert technician. The Sole looks much better than the stock Linn chassis and I imagine the Cetech is also, I thought about getting one myself. I would definitely get the new mat and I would consider thew new springs; I can tell you more about the others shortly [I hope].
Thanks Stanwal, I was wondering about the springs too, and whatever else might need to be done along with the Cetech to reap the full benefit. I have one of the Herbie's mats but haven't used it since my most recent changes-namely putting a 1/2" thick steel plate cut 14" x 18" (in lieu of granite or marble,)under the table. That eliminated the "howl" from vibrational feedback completely. If the Cetech made as much difference as that, it'd be a no-brainer. Let me know what you think when you get your table back. Brad
Hi Steelman,

I had a Linn LP12 for about 20 years. I went through a number of upgrades, with the Cetech subchassis being one of the last. The Cetech and Lingo were the best money I spent (the stock springs will struggle).

As far as platter mats, I used Herbies (quite good), but the best I have used is Living Voices carbon fiber mat (you may be barely able to use a record clamp).

Good Luck!!!