re: legacy Focus 20-20

I recently listened to the Focus 20-20 and was very impressed. My question is this: Has anyone compared the new 20-20 version and the old version? Are the updates that noticable or would the older model be a great buy now?

Thanks- Jim
I would go for the 20/20. There have been some very reasonable deals in the recent past here on Agon for the 20/20. Keep your eyes peeled.
Haven't heard the 20/20, but would be very skeptical about its being an improvement. I recently sold some Silver Screens on Audiogon and initially when asked about the mk II version, didn't know what to think or say about that, so asked Legacy -- they said minor changes in the crossover was ALL -- did not recommend "upgrading". Still some people wanted the mk II. Finally someone inquired about the weight differential between mine and the current ones -- sure enough, the new version had lost 13 lbs, was it? Something Legacy never alluded to unless we are to believe that they ripped out 13 lbs of crossover parts to "improve" it. My hunch is they gutted it, ripped out some of the bracing, made the walls thinner, slapped mkII on it and hoped (as quite a few did) that most hapless unsuspecting consumers would assume there had been an improvement. To Legacy's credit however, they never made the representation to me that the crossover changes were an improvement or that the mk II was an improvement either.
Call Chris at Legacy. Very nice guy and he will give you a straight answer.