re: Jolida 801A-transformer- question

I purchased the Jolida 801A in used condition over the summer,for use with my Totem Hawk speakers. I just realized that the front (right-side) transformer is cool to the touch. Does this mean it's not working? What is the difference in performance? Is there any home-diagnostic I can do, and/or is there a typical problem associated w/them, and cost to repair?
Thanks very much, I'm new to this.
You can contact Bill at Response Audio (See manufacturer list
). They specialize in Jolida and the 801 is his favorite integrated Jolida. I'm sure you can get all your questions answered there and they could repair if needed. They even have a mod package for the 801.

BW MaxxC
If you try to contact Jolida directly you may get more than just an answer. The guys up there are really helpful and honest to a fault. Every time I have called with a question we have spent at least a half hour talking about anything from design and engineering to music.

Good luck!