RE: Forsell Air Reference Transport

I am experiencing trouble with my Forsell Air Reference Transport. The spindle is no longer turning, which probably means the air is not circulating. The Forsell has an air pump which feeds air in and out of the transport, and this process is necessary in order for the cd to spin or turn while riding on air. Last night, the cover accidentally slammed shut and ever since, the cd player has not worked.

The laser seems to be working fine and attempts to read the cd, but presents an error message and does not play. The air pump is working perfectly.

If anyone knows the problem, please provide me with your thoughts. If not, where can this unit be repaired or whom is the authorized servicing dealer?

Thank you.

Dennis: I responded to you privately, but for the benefit of the other members, this is a common problem with the Forsell, as the gas strut that holds up the lid eventually goes after time. I had a tech at the Hi Fi Exchange in Queens NY fix mine when this happened to me years ago; I understand that in the US the tech to handle Forsell repairs is Joe Laliberte C/O Ensemble; 28 Charron Ave, #7; Nashua, NH 03063; tel: 603 595-9871, ext. 203. He may be able to help a local tech fix a problem like this as well.
When the lid slammed shut, it pushed the aluminum drive pulley up against the laser mechanism housing, preventing it from rotating. To fix this requires CAREFULLY removing the aluminum pulley and reseating it on its aluminum spindle.

To prevent the lid from slamming shut again, your gas strut needs to be replaced.