Re: Dunlavy SC IVa's

Has anyone tried points or other devices under this speaker with or without success? I have recently put Walker points under my pair with a major change in the sound. Mids and highs are more airy and the bass is tighter and more buoyant. Before using these I had tried cheap points with little result.
Cinder blocks or construction concrete blocks from a home improvement store or construction yard (painted to match the speaker base for WAF). Stand the blocks upright so the empty centers are vertical. Since this raises the speakers by approximately 8 inches, the sofa or chair also requires blocks under the feet to match the increase in height (which may not meet with a spouses immediate approval :). The subwoofer and amplifiers are supported in a similar mannner. The overall improvement in the system is remarkable, and unexpected. The entire system is now one coherent unit with pronounced dynamics, precision and detail. A recording engineer from one of the major studios listened to the system and is now using concrete cinder blocks in the recording studio with great results. Cost of the blocks is approximately $1.50 each.
If you do a search under member systems I think you will find a guy that does spike his and raved about it but his name eludes me.
The best floor coupling device that I have used are Symposium platforms (the standard size 1.5"-3" thick ones). Bass tones and overall image focus dramatically improve. I recommend using the Dunlavy's without their attached platform bases as well in this configuration.