re-doing KEF 104/2 x-overs help please

Hi All

My system is a QUAD CDP, CJ Classic pre, CJ MV60SE amp, and 104/2. The speakers were bought new in 1988, and the only thing they did was have a cheap reciever on them all these years so my Dad could hear the TV. The system sounds good, but not quite there-no "magic"-I am suspicious the caps in the passives are out of tolerance due to age??????

aqssuming they are--what is a good source for as similar to stock for caps? Any other input is appreciated

I wouldn't try to get caps and resistors that are similar to stock, because there has been substantial improvement in these passive components since the eighties. I recommend that you call Jeff @ Sonic Craft. He has a lot of experience, and he will be able to tell you what to do. I consulted him for 2 different crossover rebuilds and was very satisfied. I did the work myself- it isn't very difficult.