Re-Cabling system Need advice

Changed a few things around in the system and am thinking about redoing my set of cables.

Here is the system:
Sony 333es sacd >1 m RCA>
Simaudio P5 preamp >3m xlr>
Simaudio W6 amps >2m biwire speaker cable>
PMC ab2 speakers

I am currently using Harmonic Technology Truthlinks and Pro 9+ speaker cables. With the addition of the W6s I now have truly full range music with full solid bass, great dynamics, and a smooth clear top end. I also have a bit of room boom issue around 150hz. I am probably going to add a tube trap to help tame the bass, but not sure my cables are the best match for my current system.

I have been really happy overall with the HT truth links and Pro 9+ cables. With the current system though I feel that I may not need the warmth of the truthlinks and could use something that has tighter and faster bass response and maybe a bit more presence in the mid range.

Any ideas for a set of cables I should try for around $1000 total used??


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As a previous owner of Harmonic Tech cables (pro 9's, pro-silway II's, and Magic Link 1's), you should experience dramatic increases everywhere by upgrading to Audience Au24 speaker cables and ics. Particularly in the bass regions as the Au24s absolutely minimize any time smear so common in cables.

Used, you should be able to get a couple of pairs of ics and one pair of speaker cables for the $1k.

IMO, the Au24s are a very serious jump over the Harmonic Technology cables and yet their retail prices are not much higher.

Nik, that's why I mentioned 'used'. If you check here on A'gon for used AU24 cables, you should notice that you could come close to the $1000 budget that you've established.

On the other hand, I now notice that you require 3m XLR lengths. Regardless of which cable you go with, I'd see what you can do about shortening that lenght down to 1 meter max. Primarily for the cost considerations, but there can be performance gains as well.