Re-Cabling system Need advice

Changed a few things around in the system and am thinking about redoing my set of cables.

Here is the system:
Sony 333es sacd >1 m RCA>
Simaudio P5 preamp >3m xlr>
Simaudio W6 amps >2m biwire speaker cable>
PMC ab2 speakers

I am currently using Harmonic Technology Truthlinks and Pro 9+ speaker cables. With the addition of the W6s I now have truly full range music with full solid bass, great dynamics, and a smooth clear top end. I also have a bit of room boom issue around 150hz. I am probably going to add a tube trap to help tame the bass, but not sure my cables are the best match for my current system.

I have been really happy overall with the HT truth links and Pro 9+ cables. With the current system though I feel that I may not need the warmth of the truthlinks and could use something that has tighter and faster bass response and maybe a bit more presence in the mid range.

Any ideas for a set of cables I should try for around $1000 total used??


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Check out Syngistic Research. There active shielding makes a quantative difference in the way music sounds in your system. I really like the Kaliedescope line. See the reviews by Stereophile and Absolute Sound at Synergistic's website.