Re: Amps for Thiel 2.3's

Am considering the McCormack .5 or DNA-1; or alternatively the Aragon 4004mkII or 8008BB. Anyone with suggestions? (perhaps the more expensive units are not essential?)
I have listened to all the Thiel speakers and own the CS7's The best match by far is CLASSE!!!!
Had a NAD 218 (200 W/PC) with Thiel 2.3's. Loved the speakers but they could not handle the amp-fried the crossovers). Strongly suggest Classe and nothing else. I like volume and the Thiel's can not handle and Thiel is not very accomodating when asked about loud volumes with their speakers (and I'm not talking excessive volume either). Went to B&W 802 Matrix but still have fond memory of Thiel sound...only wish they could handle the volume and that Thiel was more customer-friendly. M
I used McCormack DNA 0.5 Delux with good results, but the amp ran out of steam during low volume. I subsequently upgraded the amp to Krell FBP 200. This amp is amazing. It has total control of the speakers. Oh, boy. The bass is awsome! Talk about a day and night transformation.
Best sounding amp I have heard with that model thiel was Bryston 4B, which is more power than really needed, 3B would probably sound as well for less $.
I used a McCormack DNA 1 with 2.2's and Sumiko Ocos cable with great results. I never had a problem with volume levels. I tried a Aragon 4004 mk2 and prefered the mcCormack which was more rounded and smooth and more musical. I later switched to Naim 250/82 preamp with hicap and was blown away by the improvement. The 250 only has 70 watts per channel but it has an energy unlike any other amp I've heard. I now use active Naim SBLs with 4 x naim 135 mono amps...
Best amp's on Thiel I've heard are ARC and from my experience they have to be used with TUBES not SS otherwise they will sound bright......ARC VT-100MKII will do the trick
Try classe CA-200 or CA-300. Will tame the top end, and you will get a great soundstage with the ability to go LOUD if you need it.
Counterpoint SA12 is an excellent match. You can find used gear from You can even upgrade from Michael Elliott for even better sound to Natural Progression series. Good luck.
Someone told to try the 2.3s with the very matching Mark Levinson 331. Did that. Synergistic match if u ask me. Had to let it go after an irrestible offer to upgrade to the CS7. Enjoy!