Anyone compare these two DACs? Stereophile gives them both great reviews, though in the end they seem to lean ever so slightly toward the Pecahtree.

I'm coming from a MF V-DAC, which, while decent, doesn't offer as much detail as I'd like, and adds an electronic sounding shimmering to some piano music. My main components are a NAD 326bee and Monitor Audio BX2s. They provide a nice balance - the laid back NAD with the lively BX2s, and I'd like to maintain that with a nicer DAC.

I have a mf v-dac ii. Don't know if yours is a mk 1 or mk 2, but you could also try upgrading the power supply. I use a pangea p-100 and it made a nice difference for me. Just a thought.
Thanks. Mine is a Mk I. I hear the II is significantly improved though. I agree about the PS - when I upgraded to a Pyramid supply it made a world of difference in terms of rythym/pace.
Nice! I can't say I noticed an improvement in rythm and pace, as my ear isn't that developed yet, but I did notice other improvements! Good luck with your search for a new dac. Go big with your dac purchase!
I will give my input... I had the mf vdac II and didn't really care for the sound it gave me so after reading about the Bifrost dac I returned the vdac and ordered the Schiit Bifrost... To me, the Bifrost is a different animal and gave me a much better sound... Opened everything up and sounds so much more natural... I'm lovin it...
Oops sorry... I got this thread mixed up with another one :(
Peachtree i dac here for sale on audiogon... You get an i pod doc included and can stream spotify premium at 320 kbp.