Rcver sub output avail: both LFE + 2 Ch stereo?

I'm looking for a <$700 HT receiver that will provide (5/6/7).1 typical DD/DTS LFE subwoofer output AS WELL AS true musical sub output through the same jack for conventional two channel stereo.

I've owned two decent lower end units, and the sub out jack has only provided output in DD/DTS mode. I've used the front preamp outputs to drive the sub for two channel, but that solution required minor but constant rewiring for LFE.

My sony sacd player has two channel+sub output, it is analog output.
I'm looking for feedback about receiver sub outputs. I want the following setup, and have received conflicting info regarding feasibility: connect one receiver's sub output to one powered sub and have get both home theatre low frequency effects AND two channel music listening without cable swapping.

I believe most reasonably priced recievers should have three modes for setting up a subwoofer.

On my Yamaha I have a setting called LFE/BASS OUT. The 3 selections are 1.Subwoofer 2.Mains 3.Both. Using the "Both" setting, my subwoofer is active for 2ch. listening.

Since I run my mains full range "large" I have to use my subwoofers high pass crossover to eliminate any base frequency overlap. In my situation a setting of 40hz works.

If you set your mains to "small" then your reciever will send everything below its internal crossover setting to the subwoofer. A better reciever will allow you to adjust this crossover setting in more refined increments over a lower frequency range. Though I do not know just how feature rich most new recievers are in this area.

Im sure you can find a reciever within your budget with such a feature. Your dealers should be able to show you this feature.

Thanks, Vedric. What Yamaha model do you have?
My reciever is a RX-V3000. Dont get caught up on model and brand. This is a common feature within your price range.

If you set your mains to "small" in the reciever you will get base from your subwoofer in 2ch listening. The frequency at which this base is sent to your subwoofer depends on the reciever you buy. Some recievers will allow you to adjust this frequency to better match your main speakers.

If you have large full range speakers and plan to run them full range or "large" in your reciever, you will need to make sure the reciever you buy allows a "both" setting so low base is sent to your mains and subwoofer at the same time. In this case you would need to adjust the high pass crossover on your subwoofer so you get no frequency overlap between it and the mains. You wouldnt want a subwoofer playing from 80hz down if your speakers have a flat frequency response down to 60hz. You would have an unavoidable output peak between 60hz and 80hz.

Hope this helps.