RCA to XLR connection

My dvd player doesn't have XLR output. My BAT preamp has XLR input. Where can I get affordable RCA to XLR converter? I have a pair of balanced IC. Thanks in advance...
BAT sells the gadget you need, although I found it easier and less expensive to get a RCA-XLR cable made up by Quest for Sound, Stephen is a terrific guy and the quality of the cable surprised me. Stereo pair of quality cables (with Phoenix Gold connectors) were around $90 if memory serves. Drop Stephen an email at Questforsound@aol.com
husaskin: the least expensive way to solve your problem is to buy an appropriate pair of adapters (male or female). these are readily available from pro sound shops, where musicians buy their electronic gear. -kelly
I've got an extra pair of the excellent BAT adapters you
need. I have a BAT VK3i pre-amp, so I bought two pair,
and only need one. E-mail me if interested at bennett@

I heard AYRE makes RCA to XLR adapters too. Check out their website. BAT makes the best ones, but I heard the AYRE's are as good, if not better.

Both BAT and Purist Audio Design make high quality adaptors of the kind you need for approximately $90-$110 a pair.Both are excellent.
Don`t buy cheap adapters at the pro sound shops, they broke on me quite a few times. I currently own Purist Audio Design
ones and like them very much. Very high quality and no affect to the sound. They have life time warranty too.
Why not just buy your favorite cables and have the vendors convert them instead of using the converters that, no matter how good they are built, almost always degrade the sound. Most cable makers can do it with a little extra charge. Nonetheless, you must specify the configuration (pin2 negative or ground).
I don't have their web address, but find a company out of Texas called Milestek. They sell a variety of audio/computer related products. They have the excellent Neutrik adaptors in a variety of configurations for $12/each. You do not have to pay alot of money very good adaptors.
Here's the exact webpage of the adaptors the milestek makes, they have all kinds of different configurations Male RCA to Male XLR I think is what you're looking for though.


Another option:
When I owned an Audio Research LS-5 MKIII (only built with balanced inputs/outputs), this unit came supplied with XLR/rca adaptors that had excellent build quality. I believe Audio Research still sells them. Good luck.
Another source (have not bought from them though)http://www.markertek.com/MTStore/product.CFM?BaseItem=HK-110M
Follow up to above. Just got my XLR to RCAs today. Very nice quality metal jacket connnectors. So it is a recommendation.