RCA to XLR cable ok from DVP to Pre/Pro?

I want to use a high quality CDP/DVP in my HT setup. I am seriously considering buying one of several pre/pros (ie, Classe SSP600, Parasound C1/C2) that only allow 2 channel analogue bypass/passthrough via XLR balanced inputs from CDP/DVP, but I may only have unbalanced RCA out. Will I significantly degrade SQ (or defeat purpose) by using an RCA-to-XLR cable to overcome this obstacle? Thanks much. Jeff
Bump. Need some expert advice here. Just need a quick response. Is this connection ok or does it compromise SQ? Thanks...
If you get it good cable, it won't degrade, though you won't be taking the advantage of a balanced design (if truly balanced).
The principal value of balanced cables as I understand it is relative immunity from extraneous signals. They are the cables of choice for long runs. For short runs, I suspect it's unlikely to make much difference, although balanced output may have received more attention in the design stage of a particular product.

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Thanks guys. Bob, I don't know if it's a major concern, that's why I'm asking :)....but thanks for the transformer suggestion. For $200, it may be worth trying. I just don't understand why so many of the better AVP's only offer balanced input for their analogue bypass (Parasound C1/C2, Classe SSP600, etc)
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I'm a fan of balanced as well. In a true balanced circuit, the noise floor is said to be lower. Their are some mfg who only make single ended compoents, i.e., Conrad Johnson, etc., so I guess they don't agree with that philosophy. There is gear which just sounds better through using the balanced outputs (Esoteric, Musical Fidelity, etc). Not loooking to start a flame war... Just what I have read and what I have heard.
Just to throw in my other two cents, I do have some balanced to single ended cables (Innersound, not expensive) and prefer using single ended high end cables (Tara Labs The One) rather than the Innersound Cable. What I am getting at is in my preamp, I only have one pair of balanced inputs (used for CD player), so while my benchmark has balanced and single ended outs, I went with the single ended and much better Tara Labs The One cables rather than (what I feel to be) inferior balanced to single ended cable. If I were willing to spend the dough, I would have Tara make a custom pair of The One's with balanced/single ended terminations. Being I lose the benefit of a balanced circuit with the single ended on one side, why spend the money. If you have no choice (only balanced out on source and only single ended on input device, you may not have a choice. When I started experimenting with balanced, I purchased inexpensive musician cables, which easier to hook up, but heard no sonic imporvement over single ended. In fact, I picked up noise (cheap, long runs). Once I got into the high end balanced cables, I just wouldn't go back from balanced.
Cerrot: interestingly enough, Esoteric DV60 is one of the DVPs I was considering, and while it has balanced outs, a 6moons reviewer said it sounded much better via single-ended unbalanced outs. Go figure!?! Obviously, if I go with the Esoteric, my issue is moot, but what if it really does sound better via unbalanced? Other DVPs I'm considering, like Denon 5910, Arcam fmj139, do not have balanced output, and neither does my current unit Pio dv47a, so that's why I asked the question. I'm not looking for minute differences, just curious whether there would be a significant and very noticible difference going RCA out of DVP to XLR in one of these new pre/pros I'm considering. Thanks...Jeff

The 6Moons review was for the SA-60, and, agree, they felt the RCA was Much better, but on the X-03, it was the balanced which sounded better. I know the DV-60 should be closer to the SA-60 than the X-03 but I think you should hear it first. A good buddy of mine wants the X-03 SE after hearing mine, but he only has single ended inputs on preamp so is going for the Ayer instead. (The balanced just sounded so much better, he won't spend the money on a model he can't enjoy to it's fullest potential. I really think you have to audition a broken in cd player in your system before making the plunge. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
Just reembered...I auditioned the DV-60 for 2 weeks before I went with the X-03SE and I used both single ended and balanced (both Tara Labs The One) and, in my system, the balanced did sound noticibly better. It was back in December and forgot I even had it in the house. I do have a full balanced system, though.

The dynamics were better, more air around the instruments and blacker back ground.

I guess I am enjoying the X-03 so much that I forgot all about the DV-60. The DV-60 was a great sounding unit but I didn't need the video capabilities (never even hooked the video up) and felt I didn't want to pay money for a circuit I would never use (I have a separate dedicated home theater). Since my budget allowed, I went with the X-03 SE. I gotta say, though, I could have easilly settled for the DV-60 if cost was an issue.
Sorry, been away a while. Cerrot, that's interesting about the dv60. Guess, like it's always said, it's about synergy. I will now have a balanced system as I got a Sunfire prepro with balanced outs for the mains to feed balanced inputs on the Sunfire amp. The Sunfire may be a notch below the others, but I couldn't resist the price (1400 shipped for a NEW unit). Will see how it sounds, and won't lose much if I sell it. On the DVP front, I've also changed direction and will be trying a modded Denon 3930ci from The Upgrade Company. Says it's better than stock dv50/dv60. It also does 1080p, so that's an added benefit. We shall see...
Jeffkad, I have heard many good things about the modded Denon. And that is a great price for the Sunfire. Good luck and I hope you're very happy with both. Please let us know your thoughts after all is broken in.