rca to xlr - best way?

connecting a sub out from my receiver to a sub amp. receiver output is rca, but the inputs on the sub amp are xlr. what's the best way to convert? adapter? a cable? does anyone manufacture cables that convert rca to xlr and vice versa? really could use some advice, as well as an explanation as to the benefits of xlr connectors. thanks

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Or....any manufacturer will make whichever model cable you prefer with the ends that you like! Also...there are "adapters" that you can purchase that convert RCA to XLR. I believe that Cardas makes one. I just bought an XLR (source) to RCA (amp) from www.fatwyre.com.....they made me one from Wireworld eclipse CHEAP!!! and had it to me in 5 days. I bought a cheapie because it is for my headphone amp. I think too much of my equipment to use an adapter (adapters seem to go against the "simple circuit" theory behind high end audio), however, I know high-enders that do use adapters with no/litte degredation.