RCA to XLR adapters ?

Can anyone recommend any high quality RCA to Xlr interconnect adapters?
BAT and Purist Audio make some high quality adapters, I believe.
I have BAT's adapters, but Cardas also make them for less $$$ than BAT or Purist.
http:/ / www.bainbridge.net/ percyaudio/

I bought the parts from Michael Percy Audio and constructed them. Better than BAT connectors. Cost about $15 each. Mr. Percy can help you with the details.
can't beat the industry-standard neutriks, imho. ewe should be able to find 'em at your local pro-audio store that caters to musicians. if ya can't find 'em there, try chuck levin's washington music center in wheaton, md - i got mine locally from them for ~$7 each.