RCA to XLR adapter vs buy a balanced cable

Hi, I have a phono stage with XLR or RCA output. Till now I was connecting it by RCA IC. Having changed the preamplifier to a balanced one I have now two options:
1) buy good RCA to XLR adaptor (Cardas?) to enter in the preamp (please note my power amp is unbalanced, so output from pre will be by RCA
2) Using same amount of money (approx 160 Eur) for a full balanced cable(In this way, phono stage output will be balanced and pre input too)

It might sound a stupid question, but I have limited budget for my toys and need to maximazi benefits
Thanxs if you would give attention to this
don't go crazy. no need for adapters as they would make no sense unless your amp is balanced as well.
Thanxs but still what you advise? I have phono preamp out XLR or RCA choice . Line stage is no choice input only balanced, while output can be RCA optional to XLR.
Shall I get a balanced interconnect between phono and line stage, or just use a normal high quality RCA with adapters?
It might be debatable if XLR sounds better than RCA (requires additional circuitry to make it balanced), but having choice between RCA+adapter or XLR I would choose XLR for it's superior noise rejection (assuming the same cost).
XLR between phono and preamp OK, adapter for poweramp isn't necessary, because amp isn't balanced and you can keep RCA.
Definitely buy the balanced phono lead. Your cartridge is a balanced device.

If you have a balanced phono preamp chances are it will sound quite a bit better on the balanced input/output now that you have a balanced input on your preamp providing both are balanced designs and don't simply have the XLR's thrown on for show.
I would contact the manufacturer of the phono stage and ask which output is cleanest. I had the same question and asked Pass Labs (manufacturer of my phono stage and integrated) what's the best connection. They told me that out of the phono stage RCA is recommended. Thus just becuase there is an XLR output don't assume it's the best way to go.
Incidentally the phono stage in my case is the Pass Xono, was the same than yours, Zavato?
I would use balanced cables because they fit better. I think everyone has mentioned the other reasons, but when that connector clicks into place, you are not going to have any problems with ill-fitting RCAs. Perhaps I am remembering the nest of cables I had tri-amping speakers with an external crossover. Keep your eyes open and you will find a used cable here, and that just means it will sound its best right away and cost less.
Do not bother with an adapter, it is likely to be worse. For very little money go to a Guitar Center and buy balanced Mogami cables of the length you need, or make your own.
There is a lot of info in the cables forum.
I have an Ono, not an Xono, but the 2 are very similar in topology thus I would be surprised if the suggestion from Pass labds was any different for the Xono
No such thing as a good adapter...get the real deal