RCA to XLR Adapter

I'm thinking about buying a new Universal Player that's equipped with a Coaxial Digital Out (RCA). My current Universal Player is a Theta Compli that's equipped with an XLR AES/EBU Digital Out. My Digital Cable is a Kubala Emotion with XLR terminations.

My question is... if I connect my XLR Digital Cable to the RCA Coaxial Digital Out using an RCA to XLR Adapter, and leave the other end of the cable connected to the XLR Digital In terminal on my Theta Casablanca II Pre-Pro, will I be sending a 75 Ohm signal, or a 110 Ohm signal to my Pre-Pro? Also, if it’s a 75 Ohm signal that’s going to the Pre-Pro, will the 75 Ohm signal going into a 110 terminal cause a problem?

No, don't do that. There would be a gross impedance mismatch between the output impedance of the player and the impedance of the cable, resulting in waveform distortion. Also, you would be putting an unbalanced digital signal into a balanced input. It MIGHT function, but it surely won't be optimal.

What you would need is a S/PDIF to AES/EBU converter, preferably one that is explicitly specified to be able to handle the highest data rate that will be required. Here is one such device, which is specified to be able to handle 24 bit/96 kHz data, as indicated here. A little searching will probably turn up less expensive alternatives, as this one provides conversion in both directions simultaneously, which you don't need.

Also, of course, if the pre-pro provides rca and/or bnc input connectors, you could replace your cable with a 75 ohm coax and connect to one of those.

-- Al
Al... thanks. Last night I also found other threads that said not to do this. I do appreciate your answer.