rca to bnc adaptors- does it hurt the sound??

I need a bnc/bnc digital cable- if I use an rca and use the adaptor -will this degrade the sound quality?? Also any thoughts on cable for Zanden 5000 MK.IV DAC to the Ensemble Dirando transport- thanks,gary
The adapters will change the actual ohms.So if you have a 75 Ohm cable and add the adapter it will change it.
You will be adding two more connections to the link, but I doubt very much you would hear any difference in the sound.
Go for it. It is cheaper than buying a new cable.
Sorry can`t help you on the other question

Avoid the adapters!!!
Chris S. at I2Digital would probably respectfully disagree. His stuff is terminated native BNC, w/ RCA's attached after that.
I've only had experience with RCA to BNC adapters and I don't recommend them. Never had experience with BNC to RCA so have no opinion on these. If the i2digital adapter is designed specifically for the X60 it may be alright. Generally though, IMO, these adapters should be avoided.