RCA to BNC adapters

Does anyone know where to find high quality RCA to BNC adapter? I have rca component outputs on my dvd player and cables have bnc connections.

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Radio Shack or a Computer Store (Some networking connections are BNC).

BNC is used by some high-tech medical test equipment, so you could try a medical equipment dealer. I assume these would be high quality (but expensive).

I got RCA to BNC adapters from Radio Shack, as Sugarbrie also mentioned. They have a nice gold plated adaptor which sold for about $4 last year. The non-gold plated ones cost less.
If you want a high quality one, check with Purist Audio designs. www.puristaudiodesign.com
I had the opposite problem and found some RCA to BnC adaptors at my HiFi store however Radio Shack was recommended to me by several people for decent adaptors.
These adapters need to be 75 ohm. Rat Shack doesn't say what theirs are but I'd bet they are the more common 50 ohm.
Pay a little more from someone like Michael Percy and be sure you are buying 75 ohm adapters. Don
try: www.partsexpress.com they have some "better" stuff.
As far as i know, all BNC's are built to the same electrical / mechanical specs. As such, the only difference would be the actual grade of materials ( metals & insulators ) used. As to the impedance, i don't think that an RCA is 75 ohms to begin with. Sean
Sean - I have a bag of special RCAs for digital cables and they ARE 75 ohms. They are made by Canare and many digital cable manufacturers use them. Don
sean--hate to disappoint you, but the geometry of a RCA cable, w/ the center pin having greater length than the return, prohibits it from ever being 75ohm. RCAs can never be 75ohm. BNCs can and often times are (though some come in at 50).

do search on audioasylum > cable for 75ohm RCA if still you doubt.

fwiw: the canare RCAs, while not a true 75ohm, are still the best digital RCAs available.

Canare rates their 75 ohm RCA up to 200MHz, whiile their 75 ohm BNC's are good up to 2Ghz. At the lower frequencies, the RCA's are a close enough match, and are well inside the frequency requirements of both SP/DIF and video signals.
The best way is to get a regular NON-GOLD-PLATED radio shack one. Non-Gold Plated has lower resistant.