What is a good type of converter to plug my RCA digital cable into the Dac, AES-EBU port. I would like to try this before I demo the Orchid dig cable. Any suggestions?
Purist Audio is supposed to make the best, and the two connectors they sent me (about $115 for the pair, 1 male-male, 1 male-female) certainly looked beautifully made. But when I tried to plug the digital output of my Sony SACD player (CD only, of course) into my dCS Purcell, either my balanced Orchid into an RCA input, or an RCA-terminated NBS digital cable into the balanced input, I got loud white noise. I was too busy to pursue it, and have no idea what the problem is. You might want to tell Purist or your dealer what you are intending to do before ordering. My dealer (The Cable Company) was as baffled as I was.
Never Never Never mix digital connection types.
Check out Sam's review of the Linc dac Feb,01 Stereophile /used with this Monarchy dip. Coax in /aes/ebu out.Or coax both ways. Worth reading.