RCA terminated subwoofer cable

I’ve been searching for a single 20 foot subwoofer cable (or interconnect if you prefer) with double RCA termination (left & right) at both ends. I’ve seen many single end cables which would make it necessary to buy 2. Does anyone make such a cable? Prefer to pay under $300 used. Also interested in a pair of XLR interconnects. Prefer an interconnect that DOESN'T lean toward the warm sound of neutral. (Sold off a pair of Audeze LCD-X's because I didn't like its warmth). Neutral cable recommendations.  Thanks.
Need 3 feet for XLR's.  Read lots of negative reviews (19%) for the recommended RCA due to poorly fitting plugs. Any competition?
Even though, I would be inclined to throw more money at this, a builder of subs recommended to me the Blue Jeans LC-1 subwoofer cable. For 20 feet, this would run you around $40. Worth a try?