RCA Splitters

My equalizer has only one RCA input. Which was fine for me since I've been using one audio source - turntable.
Now I added reel to reel recorder to my system. And it is a pain to plug/unplug phono cable to/from Equalizer to plug/unplug reel to reel recorder interconnect. Long story short...I wonder if there is some kind of RCA splitter/doublers available on market. So I could use it to connect both - turntable and reel to reel recorder to the same EQ's RCA input...of course I will use only one of them at the same time.
Many thanks in advance!
I think the more typical way of doing it is to run the EQ in/out of a processor or tape loop on your preamp... For example, if you have a tape loop, run the tape-out to eq-in and the eq-out to tape-in. You use the pre source select, but engage the tape loop and you can apply EQ to any input.

Alternatively, you can pick up a pair of monster RCA 2-into-1s at [url]www.audioadvisor.com[/url]. I think the first option is cleaner.
Use the tape out, theorically you shouldn't have to use a EQ if the system is reproducing the misic corectly. EQ usally do bad things to the sound by nature.
www.partsexpress.com sells them. Not the fancy kind just the basic spaghetti wire stuff.
First of all, I was just wondering, how do you connect the turntable to the equalizer input? (Normally you would have to run a turntable output directlly to a phono specific input.) Anyway, to play it safe, if you use the splitters, you probably wouldn't want both reel-to-reel and turntable outputs connected to the splitters at the same time since this would put the output signal from one unit onto the output of the other unit. Does any of this make any sense to anyone???????????
Monster Cable makes a "y" splitter and AuiodQuest makes a Block type with one straight out and the other at a 90 degree. Have you considered a video switch box, Sony, Niles to name afew. That would add more circuitry but eliminate the possibility of overloading the input by accident.
That's a good idear if you must a switch box is the better idear. Yea running the output into the input is bad and add all sorts of extra wire to the circut.