RCA shaded dogs

How does a person tell the difference between an RCA shaded dog versus any other RCA lp?
If you have the LP in your hand and look at the label on the record, you'll see a shaded area around the dog. Once you see one, you'll know.
Here is another pic that shows the differences. Just scroll down a little bit to see:

Different Dogs
Need to look to see if I have any.
Booooo. Zero shaded. Lots of red seal.
Shaded dog isn't end of the world. Still not too many valuable and having nice sound. Red label with shaded dog released in 50's often had poor and noisy cuts. HMV Shaded dog UK pressings are a lot better sounding and a lot more valuable.
White dogs are nice, too. You would think these things would be getting scarce but there appears to be a glut over on eBay. I bought and sold a large collection of Mercurys and RCAs twenty years ago when they bought top dollar. I only wish they came out on cassette.
Czarivey's opinion mirrors my own, lots of hype surrounds shaded dogs and people often pay too much for them at auction - assuming sound quality is supposed to correlate to the price paid for them. I've got a couple dozen of some of the most valuable USA pressed shaded dogs in mint or near mint condition and only a few of them warrant the hyperbole. I understand that various pressing plants had different levels of sound quality as well. Good to know about the UK pressings, I've not heard those. I wonder how many of those made their way to the US? Here's more info on RCA dog labels:

Photon46 - very informative. Thanks!