RCA Shaded Dog - My Eyes are Playing Tricks

Is there a website that will let me see the variations in the RCA shadded dog classical label versus just the white dog?

I have three albums that I think are shadded dogs but can't be sure yet. One is the RCA LSC 1893, Charles Munch and the Boston Symphony performing Ravels Daphnis & Chloe. I Would obviously love this one to receive the coveted SD!
Without seeing the label and the pressing numbers on the LP itself, I have to base my statement on the catalog number. If you have an original pressing, rather than a re-issue, LSC 1893 fell within the range of catalog numbers that were part of the original "Shaded Dog" releases.
Try this link:


It may take a while to load, but it should have the information you're seeking.
LSC 1893 was only available as a SD - Shaded Dog, as per the Canfield Guide. No WD - White Dog issues exsists, not even with the LM prefix. The only exception being is the Classic Records re-issues. Any other questions on the other 2 email me.