RCA RDCE-501..Vivaldi's Four Seasons...tremendous

I found a sealed copy (no more) of Vivaldi's Four Seasons by RCA Japan...Direct To Disk and 45 rpm.

I think its one of, if not the best LP I have now in my collection, and I have plenty of MFSL, Chesky, Sheffield, Mercury, RCA, DGG tulips, Westminsters, London, Decca,,bla bla bla...Lyrita also

The background is CD quality black, and the instrument separation and soundstaging and imaging is awesome...The low freq have tremendous tightness and control,,,

Its a bummer that the playing is technically pretty good, albeit a bit robotic,,,a friend of mine kinda hit it in the head when he said that the asian string players seem to be mainly grinders....very little nuance and emotion...

Now,,,does anyone have any idea of a recording like this by an american or european ensemble?
No 45 rpms or d-to-d, but here are a sampling of some baroque/early music LPs to pursue that are exceptionally well recorded with much more stylish/interesting performances. They will all challenge the reproduction abilities of your system.

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 4 & 5, Timegate TG 234 (by reputation, I've never found a copy to hear for myself, recrded by Peter McGrath as a demo LP for DCM Time Window speakers.)

Vivaldi & Samartini, Concertos, Warchal/SlovakChmOrc, Klimo OW 006 (oop, from an outstanding series of Baroque recordings produced by the German audio firm Klimo)

Music for Baroque Cornett and viola da gamba, Klimo OW 004 (not an ensemble, just the two instruments)

Musique Arabo-Andalouse, Paniagua/AtrmMMadrid, Harmonia Mundi HM 389

Musique de la Grece Antique, Paniagua/AtrmMMadrid, Harmonia Mundi HM 1015
Rushton,,I have that Timegate...it is incredible....If u have a Reel to Reel, I can record it for you...
Jsujo, thanks for the offer, but no reel-to-reel. Glad to hear from someone else that the Timegate is a good recording! It stays on my "want list."