RCA plugs for Cardas Quadralink 5 interconnect

I have a six foot Cardas Quadralink5 IC that I would like to cut and make two 3 foot ICs with. I want to put 4 new RCA plugs on them.  I am looking for recommendations for a good RCA male prong to terminate them with. Thanks!
I’d use the Eichmann plugs - they don’t look like much but they sound great and are easy to use. They’re my go to plug for home builds. Some of the fancy RCAs are so over built it’s stupid (older AQ that we’re about 10cm long for example)

btw avoid the WBT locking plugs like the plague. When they don’t lock they can short and I’ve blown woofers as a result 
The Eichmann's are good plugs and if you received good service before then buy them from Douglas and/or ask him for a recommendation. 
Thanks folkfreak and jackd for the Eichmann recommendation. I was not familiar with them but they look intriguing. I will contact Douglas.