rca phono box...help

i need to add a phono box( rca connectors) from the tonearm wiring. ( sota star and et 2 arm with cardas wiring)

any suggestions on what to get and where to buy?


The Cardas termination box is the best option in my opinion. You may already be aware of them as they were supplied with Graham tonearms for many years.

Another option is mounting into the turntable base. Buy a brass plate and drill proper diameter for your favorite female RCA connectors. Solder the tonearm cable making an internal on board box.

When choosing female RCA connectors, it's hard to beat Cardas and the Vampire direct gold over OFC connectors.

For these parts, visit Michael Percy and download the PDF on line catalog.


Page three contains the Cardas phono box for $78.00. Cardas and other connectors are available on the site as well.

I have known Mike for nearly 20 years, He is a very honest person and ships promptly. Good luck with your project.