RCA living stereo releases.....

Here good things about these. ANy titles that come to mind? Reiner? Im on a tight budget...what would be the best used options?
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Reiner...Pictures at an Exhibition...Also Sprach Zarathustra
Phasecorrect, can you be a little more specific about what you're looking for or what kind of music you like? Chamber or orchestral? Twentieth century, nineteenth century, baroque? Any particular composers you like?

RCA recorded some of the great artists of the 20th century and the selection of music is very large.
you never stated what format you were looking at? I would say if your interested in the RCA label, I would look at buying the sacds as a package and start there. Im sure that Coscos sells did at a very fare price of $8.00 a pop.
SACD RCA Living Stereo:

RCASAM61387 Saint Saens / Symphony No. 3
RCASA61388 Ravel / Daphnis Et Chloe
RCASA61389 Strauss / Also Sprach Zarathustra
RCASAM61390 Bartok / Concerto For Orchestra
RCASAM61391 Beethoven & Mendelssohn / Concertos
RCASAM61392 Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninov / Piano Concertos
RCASAM61394 Mussorgsky / Pictures At An Exhibition
RCASAM61395 Verdi & Puccini / Arias
RCASAM61396 Chopin / Ballades
RCASA61397 Tchaikovsky / Symphony No. 6 "Pathetique"
Set 2
RCASAM61393 Gershwin / Rhapsody In Blue
RCASA66419 Offenbach / Gaite Parisienne
RCASAM66371 Brass & Percussion
RCASAM66372 Heifetz / Violin Concertos
RCASAM66373 Berlioz / Requiem
RCASAM66374 Ravel / Bolero
RCASAM66375 Dvorak & Walton / Cello Concertos
RCASAM66376 Dvorak / New World Symphony
RCASAM66377 Rimsky-Korsakov / Scheherazade
RCASA66378 Brahms / Piano Concerto No. 1

There are a few that I like from this list.

I also like some of the Bruno Walter ~ Sony/CBS red book remasters.

Almost all are available used on Amazon. elusivedisc com has the entire 21 SACD set new for $220

Also check out: Jon Valin's LIVING STEREO BIBLE; about the original vinyl pressing's.
SACD is fine if you have an SACD player that can extract the magic, and not just play SACD's. The vinyl editions are probably a bit better if you have the vinyl playback abilities that will do that justice.
..just a response to the Heifitz Mendelsohn violin concerto... I know it may be heresy, but to these ears, Joshua Bell's interpretation is not only better, but a revelation. It is also recorded on SACD and on my system, the sound is better than the Heifitz on LP.
It's not heresy. To my ears (not a violinist, but a performing and teaching musician) I have been disappointed with a number of his recordings, most recently his recording of the Beethoven Violin Concerto that I discovered in my vinyl collection. This is one of the simplest, yet most musical works in the repertoire and I think his recording with Munch/Boston seems to lack ... a lot. (On the other hand, Ostraikh/USSR is great. Not flawless, but worth every second.)

Don't mean to derail the thread ... back to RCA!