RCA Living Stereo 2.0 & 3.0 SACD's

These are currently on sale at Tower Records for $7.99.
I have no relation to Tower. Just keeping fellow AgoNers informed.
Gaudio_eek, I did a search on Towerrecords.com for the RCA Living Stereo label on SACD and couldn't find it. Would you provide a link, please?
Tvad et al..., here you go RCA Living Stereo SACD.
Look closely, the description says Hybrid SACD.
You can also do an "Advanced Search" under Classical, but do not select category type = SACD. It's under CD. Go figure.
Thanks for the link! I'm pretty facile with the internet, so I'm surprised I couldn't find this label. I think the label being listed under CD instead of SACD was the roadblock.
I see it is backordered and orders will cancel after 30 days. I find it curious that they don't promote the fact that it is SACD and CD and list it as a CD with a note at the bottom saying it is a hybrid.
I just bought it on Amazon, where it's available now for $10.99. Also bought Also Sprach Zarathustra / Ein Heldenleben for $10.99, and added a third disk to receive free shipping. It all "comes out in the wash" more or less. Thanks for the info on the RCA Living Stereo on SACD Hybrid.
How is the CD layer on these hybrids compare to previouse cd re-issues?