RCA Interconnects - Max Length

Assuming that your Pre can drive the cables properly, what is the maximum length that you would run RCA from your Pre to Monoblocks?
Between 5m and 10m depending on the drive on your pre-amp.
I don't think an all-purpose specific answer can be defined. It depends on the output impedance of the component driving the cable (the lower the better), on the capacitance per unit length of the cable (the lower the better), on the susceptibility of the two components to ground loop issues, on the resistance of the shield or other return conductor in the cable (which in turn can influence ground loop susceptibility), and on how AC power distribution is configured in the system (which in turn can also influence ground loop susceptibility).

-- Al
Good points. So, assuming that your pre has a relatively low output impedance, that the cable's capacitance is very low and it's well shielded, and that the pre and mono-blocks are on individual dedicated lines that are on the same phase and polarity, would five or six meters be pushing you luck?
My guess is that in most cases that would work well. FWIW, I've had fine results with 12 foot runs under similar circumstances, although with just a single dedicated line for both the preamp and a stereo amp.

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-- Al
I've ran 18 foot RCA interconnects before with no problems.
Someone here, I think it was Albert, once ran 6 meters of Purist Dominus RCAs with no loss from phono to pre. Don't remember what he used. You can ask him.