RCA interconnects for tube amp setup under $100.

I need a decent pair between Van Alstine preamp and Prima Luna Tube amp, please point out a few low capicitance interconnects. Only 1.5 meters needed. I can't find specs on the audioquest cables.
Ask Mr.VanAlstine which cables he recommends. I think you will be suprised.
You can get some 5' IC's from Blue Jeans for about $35. IMHO these a 'benchmark' for inexpensive cabling, neutral in tone, have low capacitance, and tonally should match your components.

FWIW, I think Tpreaves is thinking that VA will recommend inexpensive wires. As I recall in general VA thinks design of the component is more important than all of the high tech (expensive) caps, resistors, wires, etc as used in many expensive components. But maybe my poor memory fails me once again. :-)

Agree w/ Newbee.
Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Low Capacitance Audio Cable.
Best bang for the buck... $35. Check out their website.
I ordered that LC-1 thanks folks. Audiogon is such a great resource, but I should be called "newbie" here, not you Newbee.

Interesting a couple of under $100 IC's showed up on audiogon for sale yesterday...mmm. What is this
MIT terminator, should i have snagged that thing? wow.
If the Lc-1 don't work out try Analysis Plus Oval