RCA interconnects

So, I just received PS Audio Transcendent interconnects. Problem is, I cannot get them to mate with my equipment! Short of destroying the equipment or one's hands, how do you soften these suckers up so they will mate? Is there some trick anyone has discovered that will soften the clamping power? What is the trick?
Have never had experience with PS Audio Transcendent I/Cs, but you might try heating them up with hair "blow" dryer.
Have never had experience with PS Audio Transcendent I/Cs, but you might try heating them up with hair "blow" dryer.
Thanks for your suggestion. I contacted PS audio who explained that the outer barrel needs to be loosened, plug it in, then tighten. Makes sense, but an instruction card would have been helpful since I've not had locking RCA's before.
true. Be careful not to tighten them too much or you will never get them off!
The general rule for locking connectors is to tighten them just to 'snug' (that means they could be a lot tighter, but don't)
'Snug' is just so they cannot slip off with a gentle tug, but still COULD be pulled off as is if you tried a little harder.
This makes the best connection in a locking connector.
(the center pin is the key. tight is not good for a perfect center pin connection, snug lets the center pin find it's own place)

I agree with Elizabeth. Hand tightened to snug is just right. Never use pliers,etc. to tork it on. You can even over-tighten it with your hands and it can be a nightmare getting them off. I had some AZ interconnects that I over-tightened one time and you don't even want to know the damage I did to the connectors just to get them off. I believe the procedure is, clockwise to loosen, counter-clockwise to tighten. Remember, snug is enough. Enjoy your new cables.
Elizabeth as always, speaks truth.
Agreed about the degree of tightness required. A little tip: if you do overtighten, the little rubber gripper "pads" for getting tight jar lids open works wonderfully in allowing you to get a good grip. I have several of these cut into 3"long x 3/4"wide strips that are useful for unsticking overly tight binding posts, unscrewing cable housings, etc.
Thanks for all your advice...snug sounds like the good way to go!
Hey Mindmeat,

How are those Transcendents doing in your system? I just got me a pair and would like to hear your thoughts.
Hi Sherod --

Too soon to tell...they sound pretty good out of the box, but can't say they are dramatically better than what I had before (homemade Mogami). I need more break in time. They are also part of other system upgrades that are in progress, so I'll have a better sense when all the bits come together.