RCA IC's to connect DAC to integrated amp

Don't know much about IC's, but I need to connect my newly acquired Wavelength DAC to my Plinius integrated amp. (Into my DAC is my MacBook w/ my music collection in apple lossless.)

Nirvana and Magnan ICs have been suggested to me, but they are pricey when purchased new and no used ones available. What RCA IC's can be had that are open, a tad to the warmer side if not neutral.

Ideally, I'd like to keep cost under control....have an issue paying heaps for cables, but don't know if this cable is maybe my most critical link.

Any suggestions?
Nirvana and Wavelength have long been a great match together and I think you might want to aim at the Nirvanas even though they might be at the top of your price range. I believe that the Cable Company is running a special on the SL interconnects (new) right now making them a more affordable option for you.