RCA Digital: Stealth, Pure Note, Cerious

I have a Virtual Dynamics Master, sounds pretty good.

The Stealth Varadig (not Sextet), Pure Note Paragon and Cerious Liquid Ceramic digitals came to mind after browsing the threads.

Can anyone tell me about the sonic attributes from your listening experience(s) ??

I'm looking for a full-bodied, natural, relaxed presentation above all else (analogue-like) of these three.
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Cyberlight Datalink? It possesses all the attributes you seek. I am a big proponent of CT cabling, although I have not as yet heard the digital cable. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has compared the HT to the CT, especially since both use wireless technology.
A recent thread: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1102613341&read&3&4&

I have a single box SACD player so I have no need for a digital cable but a few friends with DCS gear feel the Paragon is very analog sounding.
Rx8man, I'm curious about why you are ruling out the Stealth Sextet. Is it totally the cost? The Sextet offers all the virtues you are looking for in a dramaticly better fashion then any other digital cable I have ever heard. Someone was selling one here on the GON for $600.00, if its still avaliable. If not, I would recommend you try a used Acoustic Zen E=mc2 cable that is quite "analog" like and is very inexpensive compared to the other cables you mentioned. I had to spend another $1200.00 to get a significantly better sounding digital cable, the Artistic Arts reference, untill I auditioned the Sextet which became my present reference cable. I think the Acoustic Zen cable will give you what your looking for more then the three cables you mention, but for less money.
Thanks Stew & Bct, appreciate the insight.
I've been meaning to talk to you, seems you've been through quite a bit of this stuff.
The Sextet you mentioned "dissapeared" five minutes after I got off the phone with Serguei.
He mentioned the "one RCA end" looked a little suspect due to the addition of some black heatshrink, which he said he does not use, so I passed on it (maybe tampered or broke)
I read a lot of good things about the Paragon, thinking it would be a great deal at 50% off sale.
You mention the Artistic Arts & Acoustic Zen, have you heard the Paragon & Cerious or are the A.A. & A.Z. "more towards" the sound I'm after ?
Rx8man, I have a philosophy, "if you have not heard it, you don't have an opinion", therefore I can't give you feedback on Paragon or Cerious, since I have never auditioned either cable. However, I have auditioned quite a few cables in my system, and if you are looking for "analog sound" but still want clarity/details the Acoustic Zen E=MC2 is a great cable at a very reasonable price. I would recommend that you put it on your audition list and see if it gives you what you are looking for sonicly. Remember, the Artistic Arts cable retails for $1600.00 and gives you more details/extension/air, but is not necessarly a more "analog" sounding cable. Hope this helps.
While I've never heard them I've heard some real good stuff about the VD Revelation and Revelation Signature digital cables. I'm told they can be amazing in the right system. These might be worth an audition if you like the Master. I have a XLR Sextet on order from Serguei, should arrive sometime this week. I'll try to describe my impressions after I have it in my system for a couple of weeks. BTW: The beta test period on these is rapidly coming to an end.
I'll put the A.Z. on my list, thanks for your help.

I considered what you mentioned here, waiting for a loaner or demo V.D. Revelation to try out. (might be a while)
Rja, I have had the Stealth Sextet in my system for a couple of months now, and still am amazed at its performance compared to any other digital cable I have ever heard. You might be interested in a review I posted here on the GON to compare your experience with the Sextet with mine and several other posters, who all find it quite terrific. I think your in for a sonic treat! Rx8man, if your gear will handle BNC connections, it would be my pleasure to send you my Acoustic Zen cable for you to try it out and see/hear if its what your after in your system. This is not a set-up to sell it to you, if you like it it would be a gift, if not just send it back to me. The cable owes me nothing $ wise, its just collecting dust being stored, so your more then welcome to try it. Let me know if it would work with the BNC's in your system, and we will go from there.
Try it is the operative word here. I have not tried the Pure Note, but did have the Stealth Sextet, Cerious Tech., and Omega Mikro, which was my reference. I use the Cerious Tech. now, but have friends who prefer the Stealth. I think much depends on your system and what you look for. After the CTs, I hear a splash or glare to others and I hear a lack of the deepest bass. Listen yourself.
The glare may be from the fact that CT cables have a rolled off upper end. Many users with lower resolving systems prefer this as it does not reveal the weakness in the source and/or speakers.
I did my homework before ordering the Sextet. Your review was part of that. Thanks. I ordered the balanced Sextet with the new Stealth XLR terminations which added some to the cost. Serguei said the cable would have to be built but I should have it soon. We'll see how it goes but I expect great things.
Thanks for the offer, I have a Pure Note on its way in a couple days.
I'd like to get a few together here at the same time and let each one play for a while to get a reasonable comparison, not a five minute or one day rush.
Can you email me off line or call me ?
I see a number of Cerious cables for sale on Audiogon. People seem to be realizing the severe limitations of the product and dumping them quickly. I guess all of the hype was just that. Some preamplifiers were touted as well but suffered the same results. Oh well, listen and learn.
I understand that Stealth has introduced a Dream digital cable. Has anyone heard it yet? I am currently using Stealth Varidig Sextet and Indras and Dream power cords on all electronics. Bart