RCA D2D from Japan,,solo classical guitar..

I bought a sealed one,,,of Romance de Amor by japanese guitarrist Kazuhito Yamashita....its a limited (?) edition direct to disk, recorded in an auditorium in 1978 (guitar player was only 16 at the time). I personally dont like live guitar recorded in large venues, because its hard to pickup ambient cues due to the relatively low power of the unamplified guitar...

But, anyway,,sound is excellent, playing a bit too clinical and lacking of the Segovia feel...but hey...its a young player.

What dissapointed me was that the vinyl is as thin as 3 kleenex tissues..aat least the vinyl is as quiet as a roman catacomb.
Mr. Jsujo...you are killing me, man!

Your LP finds are becoming what a picture of Hale Berry (with 3 kleenexes to cover strategic areas) looks like to a man stranded on a deserted island.

My previous offer stands...and, your absolutely right, Yamashita is not Segovia...another reason to let me have this LP as well.

But I can recommend his (Yamashita) recording of the two Castelnuovo-Tedesco guitar concertos which were issued on RCA about 10(?) years ago. I only own the cassette. If you like classical guitar music, I think you'll enjoy it. (If you find the LP of this as well, get Brinks for your home.)

Regards :>)
LOL...well, the poor guy was only 16 when recorded, during a competition,,,,But you know,,,its all good, as long as its played with some honesty...

I will look for that Castelnuovo-Tedesco LP....

PS: I love classical and flamenco guitar...the only guitar I can afford to play nowadays...

Segovia "feel"?? Yuck!

The guy had fingers like bannanas....an icon in the classical guitar world but he has been surpassed IMO by many.

Try David Russell....the latest big gun, and not well known yet.

Of course, there's John Williams, and then another unknown but great writer and performer Andrew York!
Well, David has been around since the early 80's, and if he is not well known yet outside of the guitar world (where he is a highly sought after performer and master class teacher), well, that says more about the state of the classical guitar as an instrument per se than anything, as David is absolutely a first rate player. He, like Barrueco et al, redefined the state of the art between 1980 and 1990.

Check out Jason Vieaux, as well as Nicholas Goluses and more recently Antigoni Goni, all on Naxos, to see what the better players are doing these days.

If Yamashita has started to think like a musician and not a guitarist, well that is news to me. The guy CAN play anything, and it is a shame his musical choices are so dramatically at odds with the score.

Another player is Sharon Isbin, but I rarely warm up to Sharon's playing (she seems to be entrenched in the politics of being a radical lesbian femenist). Still, when she lets herself she makes some beatiful music.
I do have Andrew York;s latest CD and I love it.,there is a guy that has chops, quality engineering, but the guitar is warm and inviting, and great compositional skills...

I do have a couple of Isbin's but for some reason, I dont play them much at all...I dont know about Segovia,,,Its how his playing strikes me without analysis...kind of non pretentious,,,and not the cleanest.